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About US

The Elijah-Alavi Foundation was born from a deeply personal and heart-wrenching event: the loss of our beloved son, Elijah-Alavi Silvera. Elijah tragically lost his life due to a preventable anaphylactic reaction after being exposed to an allergen at his childcare center—a devastating incident that no family should ever have to endure. This profound loss galvanized us to establish a foundation with a resolute mission to ensure the safety and well-being of children with severe food allergies and asthma within educational settings.

Our foundation is dedicated to transforming educational environments into secure and nurturing spaces where every child, especially those vulnerable to severe allergies, can safely thrive and learn. Recognizing that knowledge is power, we focus intensively on educating and empowering those on the front lines of childcare and education. We provide educators and school administrators with critical training, resources, and support to manage food allergies effectively and respond to emergencies with confidence and accuracy.

To amplify our impact, we have established strong partnerships with leading organizations, healthcare professionals, and experts in allergy and asthma care. These collaborations enable us to advocate for rigorous safety standards and policies that are designed to protect children in educational settings across the nation. Through workshops, community outreach, seminars, and advocacy, we work tirelessly to raise awareness about the risks associated with food allergies and the importance of stringent adherence to allergy safety protocols.

Our efforts extend beyond immediate reactions to focus on creating a lasting culture of inclusion and safety that respects and protects the diverse needs of all students. We strive to ensure that Elijah’s story is not just a memory, but a powerful catalyst for change, inspiring legislation and driving childcare centers/schools to adopt comprehensive policies that safeguard all children from the risks of allergic reactions.

The legacy of our son, Elijah-Alavi, lives on through the work of our foundation. With every child we reach and every educator we train, we honor his memory and work towards a future where no other family faces the same heartbreak we did. Our mission is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit to bring about positive change in the face of tragedy, ensuring that our son’s legacy endures through safer educational environments for all children.

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"Your presence should always be felt, even when you aren't there"
-Dina Silvera

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